adult stories

adult stories – Sometimes it can get just a little creepy sitting around a campfire through the night. The light from the fire casting shadows within the trees mixed with the night sounds of the forest… The realization how the comfort from the light of your campfire making the encompassing woods seem darker and creepier than in the past…

There is no better time for you to try to scare the jeepers out of everyone! Not all of us are born story tellers though so now are some tips to help you turn everybody on the fire white with fear…

Start out receive everybody’s at the campfire’s undivided attention. You want everybody to be silent and listening closely. You need to draw your audience in and also have them hanging on your own every word…

Remember, the woods outside the light of your fire are extra dark and creepy which means you could comment on a sound you just heard within the woods. After commenting on a sound you just heard, (whether you actually did or not!) ask somebody to go out and check out… not a lot of people want to leave the relative safeness of the campfire.

Sound a bit unwilling to tell your story… enjoy it makes you uncomfortable.

adult stories
Okay… thus you have everybody on edge… allow the story begin! Just what exactly kind of topics make scary campfire stories?

Stories situated in reality – murderers, psychos, losing your way in the wilderness, vicious animals, kidnapping, etc…

Stories depending on current events – it will help people relate to your story.

Base the tale either near the location you’re camping in or where your audience comes from.

Combine fact and fiction – the reality add to the realness and the fiction stimulates the imagination.

Stories located in the woods – aliens that were found in the woods, vicious animals, monsters (bigfoot, etc…), spiders, bats, bugs, critters, etc…

Familiar urban legends – killer in the back seat, spiders a part of your nose, buried alive, etc…

Stories about ghosts – pretend it happened to you but have never told anyone

Now that you have an idea for a story, here’s a few tips on getting the most out of your story and scaring your friends!

Start out by talking slowly and nervously. Attempt to act a bit anxious like you don’t really want to tell the tale. This will make people want to hear your story a lot more.

Look people in the eyes as you tell your story… draw them in and hold their attention.

Act real serious – totally make positive changes to demeanor almost like you’re possessed – don’t over-act though.

As your story progresses, start talking somewhat faster and more intensely. Make an effort to build the suspense.

Don’t reveal the end result or conclusion before very end of your story. Make an effort to leave a large dramatic pause before the conclusion. It’s also good to go away your scary story like a mystery at the end… in case your story feels unresolved, it’s going to leave an unresolved feeling inside your audience.

End your story very calmly and anxiously as you started. Seem to get to sleep as you finish like you are getting lost in your unpleasant memories.

Read your audience, in case your story doesn’t appear to be holding people’s attention, make it a bit shorter so that it doesn’t drag on too much time. If it’s not working… end it quicker!

adult stories



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